Advance Human Rights & Gain Valuable Skills
Whether you help create a human relations commission in your community or mail conference brochures for the NDHRC annual conference – you’re helping advance human rights and gaining experience through hands-on work.

Meet Interesting People & Build Relationships
The NDHRC Volunteer Program brings together a diversity of people. Both the recipients of your volunteer efforts and NDHRC staff and board can be unique sources of knowledge and a diversity of experiences. For example, maybe you’ll learn about the fair housing concerns from an advocate and someone who was turned away from a home because of the color of their skin.


  • Be personally rewarded by giving back to the community and society at-large
  • Break down barriers of misunderstanding and fear
  • Gain opportunities to network, meet new friends, and establish professional contacts
  • Learn and practice skills related to the advancement of human rights
  • Diversify and enrich your resume


How to Get Involved:
Complete the NDHRC Volunteer Application, mail your application to NDHRC, P.O. Box 1961, Fargo, ND 58107-1961, email to info at ndhrc.org, or fax to (701) 235-4178.

NDHRC members have the opportunity to join a committee and offer their assistance in furthering human rights in North Dakota.

To learn more about joining the Development Committee, go to Development Committee & Volunteers Description.

If you are interested in the Conference Committee, click on Conference Committee Description.